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Saying “YES!” (Right after “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”)

Nick really blew me away with his proposal. When I say I had no idea, I really mean it. In fact, when we were walking down to our gondola boat ride, with a wine bottle and glasses in hand, I said to him, “You know, people probably think you’re going to propose to me! HAHA!”

I’m sure I made him a little nervous with that one, but that’s how blissfully unaware I was. I had been making him nervous all day saying things like “maybe we shouldn’t dress up this much” and “I am in such a bad mood because I don’t like how my nails turned out.” I get a little dramatic sometimes…

We got on the boat and our gondolier drove us around the lake at Hilton Lake Las Vegas. He pointed out Celine Dion’s house and Nick later mentioned he thought that might be the moment the gondolier would drop our “message in a bottle” in the water.

At some point during the ride, we found ourselves in a little cove and were talking about how beautiful everything was when the gondolier pointed out something floating in the water. I can only imagine that Nick’s heart started beating pretty hard at this point. I still had no idea.

“Let’s go see what it is!” I said ignorantly. “Oh my gosh. There’s a message in it! This is crazy!!”

I am also a little gullible sometimes…

Las Vegas Wedding Photos

Nick got the bottle out of the water and handed it to me. When I saw the silver string wrapped around it, I knew something was happening. This wasn’t an ordinary message floating in a bottle in the middle of the lake after all…

I opened the letter to find a simple, sweet message from Nick asking me to marry him. He got down on one knee and I said “Are you serious?!” a few times before finally saying “Yes!” (He later admitted his knees got weak when I didn’t say ‘yes’ right away. Girlfriend was shocked, okay?!)

Las Vegas Wedding Photos

Being a girl in my early twenties (wink), I told him we had to take a picture of all these happenings! That’s when he pointed out that he had already taken care of that. (See below.)

Las Vegas Wedding Photos

I was OBVIOUSLY impressed. He had a photographer hiding on land! I started rambling, as I do sometimes, and telling him I couldn’t wait to tell my parents and how I wished they weren’t on a plane flying back to Indiana from Las Vegas right now.

Nick bit his tongue. We took some photos with the photographer and then went back to land to eat and celebrate at Sunset and Vine.

Las Vegas Wedding Photos

When we walked around to our table, my heart exploded. My parents were still there! We had dropped them off at the airport earlier, but they actually just rented a car and came out to the lake for the festivities. Nick’s parents had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne sent to our table. We Facetimed with them and squealed in our delight. Okay, that was just me.

It was absolute perfection. Nick LaGrange deserves major accolades for his preparation and execution. February 15, 2015 is a day that will be hard to top. Let’s see if June 3, 2016 can give it a run for its money.

Las Vegas Wedding Photos


Photos by M Place Productions



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The Year of YES

2014 is The Year of YES!

When you’re offered an opportunity that scares you a little, challenges you, or puts you a bit outside your comfort zone, do you say YES?

Instead, do you feel a tightness in your chest when you say NO? Are you shutting off the voice inside that is saying “DO IT!”? If so, you’re probably missing out.

I’ve started to think about my life as an actual road trip. As I travel, I get to chose which turns I make, how fast I go, and what people I pick up along the way. Make no mistake about it: the relationships you choose to develop will determine your journey. The people you meet along the way know someone that will be your next client, have the sources to take you to the next level, will inspire you, challenge you and offer you chances to further yourself toward your goals. But if you say NO to that coffee date, networking meeting, yoga class, free seminar, audition, or chance to show your skills, well…you’ve decided not to see what’s behind Curtain Number 1, which could be a BRAND NEW CAR!

Okay, maybe not. But, maybe.

I can’t even begin to explain how fruitful the Year of Yes has been for me and it’s only Spring! I’ve done work for free, bartered services and talents, traveled hundreds of miles for a chance at a gig, invested in new equipment, made friends out of strangers–all in the name of YES. Most of these actions have led to new and exciting opportunities for my career.

You only have something to gain by following your highest intuition and saying YES to things that challenge you to grow a bit beyond yourself. One day, saying YES will be our second nature and then can you imagine where we’ll be?

Tell me one thing you’re going to say YES to below. I’d love to hear from you!

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