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Life Hack: Make Space for Greatness

Recently, I did work for someone over the course of about 5 weeks and didn’t get paid for it. In fact, the person told me he doesn’t have the money to pay me at all or ever.

Upon hearing this, I was infuriated. It felt wrong. It felt bad. I was pissed.

We all encounter situations that are Less-Than-Desirable. It’s not what we planned; it’s inconvenient. It throws us off our alignment and balance. It’s part of our human experience.

But the above mentioned experience taught me that I can look at a Less-Than-Desirable circumstance and let it help me create a vision for What It Is That I Want.

When I chose to “let go” of that job and the fearful thoughts I had about losing payment, I created space for something more desirable. I made a conscious choice to say out loud, “the money will replace itself” and “money finds me.” They are affirmations that have served me well over the years, and I trust them, which is what makes them work.

Within 48 hours, I found out that I had a lump sum of money coming to me from an unexpected source that was over half  of what I was owed by my previous employer. Not only that, I was unexpectedly offered another gig. And I have ZERO doubt that the rest of the money will be made up shortly, with no extra effort needed on my part.

It’s really incredible what can happen if you simply let go of thoughts or circumstances that aren’t serving you, and create a space for what does. That takes a lot of trust, I know, especially when it’s a source of income. But I firmly believe the things you REALLY want lie in the space that is currently occupied by the things you don’t.

One of my favorite things to do is look for evidence in my day-to-day life that proves that the more I trust it, the more the universe supports me. Have you ever decided to trust and let go? Were you taken care of? I’d love to know.


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I NEED to stop saying this.

I NEED a new car.

I NEED to find a partner.

I NEED to make more money.

I NEED to workout tomorrow.

We all NEED so much these days, don’t we? I know I do.

But guess what? The more we repeat that mantra to ourselves, the more we acknoledge our lack of.  Repeating that simple word over and over throughout the day sucks the energy right out of our intentions. We’re actually less likely to make that thing happen because we’re recognizing and affirming our void.

You may NEED to get to the gym next week, but what if you started telling your friends that you are EXCITED to get back to your workout routine? What if you said you will really ENJOY eating fresh fruit for breakfast tomorrow morning? Maybe you are feeling GIDDY about the possibility of meeting someone new this week. What if you found it THRILLING to imagine finding a job that allows you to travel and afford to buy groceries for a stranger whenever you want?

It may feel funny and fake at first, but if you continue to retrain your thought patterns, you might notice you start to really believe the positive affirmation. 


Fill in the blank and say out loud: I NEED __________.

Repeat that 10 times.

Now rephrase: I’m so EXCITED to ____________.

Repeat that 10 times.

Did you immediately feel like what you want is more possible?

What is that you are EXCITED to accomplish this week?

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Thoughts on Waiting

Now. Now. Now. I want to know NOW!

I’m waiting right now. I’m anxiously, imperfectly, nervously, insecurely, excitedly, waiting to hear if what I want to happen will, in fact, come to pass.

There’s nothing I can do to speed up the time or to know WHAT the outcome will be and it made me think that maybe there are some other people out there who are also standing by and waiting. Maybe they are waiting for a child to be born, waiting to hear if they got the job, waiting to see if it will rain on their vacation, waiting to find out the results of a test, or sitting by their phone, waiting for the cute guy from the bar to text back.

Then it hit me- aren’t I always waiting for something?? I am trying to think back to a point in my life where I wasn’t thinking “What will happen?” and I truly cannot think of a time. It doesn’t matter how content I’ve been or what amazing (or challenging) events are happening in my life, I’m always WAITING!

So, maybe there’s something more to it than just the passing of time. Maybe the universe doesn’t give you (or not give you) things right away because there’s a lesson to learn in the meantime. I have to think this is true. Even if that’s a bunch of bull-hockey, isn’t it a better way to spend your time waiting?

The truth is, things may not turn out the way I want them to. I may not get what I want. Does that discredit me in any way? Does that change my self-worth? Does it make my life any less of a miracle? No. It doesn’t. I think maybe we could use the time “before we know” to focus on being grateful for what we have now- to be grateful for life as it is, before the change (or no change). I think in this way, we can prepare ourselves for any outcome, knowing that we have been and will continue to be taken care of- most of the time in ways that we couldn’t have imagined for ourselves.

Anyhoo, I’ll be over here waiting and trying to be happy about it if anyone wants to join me.

Love ya,


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