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Creating a Show-Up, Not Give-Up Kinda Life

Fitness matters. It matters more than calories in, calories out. It matters more than a number on a scale. It even matters more than getting a six pack by June (and, yes, that has recently been a hashtag on my Insta).

Since moving to Las Vegas two months ago, there has hardly been a day that I haven’t sweat or pushed myself beyond what I thought my physical limits were. And while I have seen significant and welcome changes to my physique, the real change has been mental.

I’m learning that pain and struggle are surmountable, that challenge isn’t a bad word and that if you keep showing up, it does get easier. It becomes your lifestyle to keep showing up.

I had a meeting with a commercial agent today that didn’t go very well. She told me that she had no room for me, she wouldn’t book me and that I looked much older than my picture. Folks, that hurt. I most definitely had a moment of “can I handle this?” going through my head.

But then I went on a run tonight. And let me express how much I am intimidated by running. I don’t think I’m built for it and I kind of, sort of hate it, but I know I’ve got to show up and challenge myself in that area.

During the run I thought to myself, “This is why I workout. If you just keep going, despite being uncomfortable, despite the pain, despite feeling like giving up, you’re eventually to get what you want.”

Okay, so I didn’t think EXACTLY that. But it was something like that, interjected with thoughts about my burning calves, tight chest and the stupidity I felt for running right after downing some pork chops and quinoa.

The point it is, I can’t let someone’s opinion stop me from doing what I love to do and I can’t let a little burn in my calves stop me from finishing the run. Every day that I get up and push myself physically a little further than I’ve been before, I’m also creating a mental toughness that will feed the rest of my life.

Get up and get out there. Though I do suggest you start sweating doing something you love, not something you kind of, sort of hate. 😉



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I stopped running and then it found me.

My entire life I’ve been on the move. After college, I didn’t spend more than a few months in one city before I was jetting off to another! Sometimes it felt like progress because I’d be moving for a job or leaving to go on a multiple city tour, but there were also times that I just felt like nothing was happening in my life, so I better leave to go find itMaybe I’d move to California or Mexico or go teach in Europe or move home to Indiana?! It would be awesome for awhile. Change has always been exciting for me. After awhile though, the same sinking feeling of being unfulfilled would start to sink in. I wanted another change and another, never actually finding what I wanted.

My latest move brought me back to my roots; in good ole’ Southern Indiana. I felt like it was the right move for me and I had this gut feeling that it was meant to be.  Well, it was meant to be alright, but I had NO IDEA what I was really in for. What this move did for me was force me to stay in one place for an extended period of time. I got a job. I made commitments. I made promises. I rooted myself for awhile. There have been moments over the past year where I’ve thought “What have I done? I’m trapped!”  I felt the urge to run away. The beautiful thing is, I couldn’t. I had to stay and feel the growing pains. You see, before, whenever I felt the pains start, I wouldn’t let them finish. I’d get my fix of change to satisfy me until they started up again. This time, I stayed and waited. I waited and waited and waited for the feelings to pass. And they did.

It wasn’t long until I started searching right where I was for my answers. I started making things happen for myself WITHOUT changing my latitude and longitude. The result has been remarkable. I have made more things happen for my career, love life, body and mind in my freakin’ hometown than I did in four years traveling in over 25 states and 3 countries. Whhhat? It’s true! Because I forced myself to feel all the feelings, I reaped incredible amounts of growth.

Now, I’m not saying that I won’t be traveling and exploring in the future. I’d personally like to see every surface of the globe in my lifetime (I think it’s reasonable). I’m just expressing the miracle I’ve seen in my own life; waiting out the hard stuff, to get to the good stuff. Ralph Waldo Emerson says it best:

 “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

Mmmhm. Good stuff, Ralph.

And I don’t think he’s only referring to physical travel. I like to believe he means all kinds of escapes. We use different methods of escaping our realities everyday.  We use relationships, the internet, our work, our friends, food, alcohol, you name it! We use it.  I’m finding that the more I sit and wait out the hurt or discomfort, without making any drastic decisions, the more powerful I eventually feel.

Hill Harper is another incredible mind. He said:

“The most effective way to heal is to “grow” through the hurt, and that takes strength, courage, and commitment. “

Oh, Hill, you have a way with words.

We must find the strength and courage to commit to the wait. We have no idea what exciting gifts are around the corner, but they gotta know our addresses to find us.

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