Estroblock Pro: My Acne Miracle

If you know me extremely well, you know that one of my biggest insecurities for the last eight or so years has been my acne. I never had terrible cases, but it definitely affected the way I interacted with people and how social I was at points in my life. In the past couple years it has gotten better, but I’ve still dealt with hormonal acne on the chin and jaw line; cysts that last for weeks and leave long lasting scars. I tried many remedies to no avail.

I wrote a blog a few months ago about giving up ProActive in favor of a natural cleanser and manuka honey and while I am ELATED at the results (my face is younger looking, my complexion more even, my face looks more nourished), it didn’t fix the hormonal acne.

That’s when a friend (or shall I say ANGEL) recommended Estroblock Pro. It had changed my face. It’s a natural supplement in pill form. Not cheap, but my god was it effective for me! Within ONE MONTH of taking the recommended dose (religiously) my acne was completely gone. I haven’t had one single cyst in over two and half months. It seriously is my miracle and I wanted to share this with anyone that might have the same problem I did.

What is it?

It’s an all natural compound extracted from broccoli and cruciferous vegetables that helps your liver metabolize bad estrogen that we get from the food we eat and our environment, i.e. plastic. It is basically a detox for hormonal balancing.

According to the Estroblock website:

“Xenoestrogens are often produced by toxins commonly found in our food and homes that, left unchecked, will dilute our naturally produced hormones and cause major health problems such as acne, obesity, or even breast and prostate cancers.”

The best part is, it’s working for many more people than just me! If you go to Amazon and read the reviews, most of them are glowing reports similar to mine.

It probably sounds like I’m trying to sell you on this, but I just feel incredibly passionate about spreading the word.

Estroblock Website

I hope someone benefits from reading this!






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2 responses to “Estroblock Pro: My Acne Miracle

  1. V

    Very interesting. Does this mean eating broccoli can help cure acne too?

    • I think eating whole foods in general would work. We are getting bad estrogens from our processed foods! Estroblock aids in helping remove them, but if you didn’t have them in the first place, that would probably be better! I’m definitely thinking twice when I grocery shop these days.

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