Get Out of the Bubble.

The lesson of my month has been this: opportunity is always waiting for you to step outside the bubble. Imagine yourself floating around inside a flying bubble, i.e., Oz the Great and Powerful, if that helps. It protects you and keeps you comfortable. You have all you need in there to be safe. After a while though, it gets super boring. Nothing new is happening to you and you’re starting to feel a little unfulfilled because, as humans, one of the ways we create happiness is through experiencing and overcoming a challenge. You’re never going to be challenged inside your floating bubble.

The moment you step out of it and enter into “the danger zone” opportunity will be drawn to you like a magnet. I learned this (one could say, AGAIN) in the last two weeks. A couple Mondays ago, I was having one of those YUCK days. I felt like my artistic life had come to a complete and utter standstill.

Enter Shayla’s Breakdown: Why wasn’t ANYTHING happening? Why did Evansville SUCK? WHY ME?!

It went something like that.

The next day (seriously, the very next day), I went online to pay my Equity dues, for the union I’m a part of as an actor. Let’s call that- Action Step 1. Okay, I thought, let’s see what’s going on in the performance world. Turns out, there was an audition for a few shows in a couple weeks that I could actually do and BAM, booked an audition. Action Step 2.

After deciding that I was going to take a leap there, I thought maybe I could use some updated headshots. So, I threw it out there to universe and BAM, booked a headshot session the next day two blocks from my apartment! Action Step 3.

Lo and behold, the photographer doing my shots was LOOKING FOR A SINGER for his band. WHAT? BAM. Booked an audition and landed a gig in a band. Action Step 4.

Do you see where I’m going here? I went from miserable to having that sweet, sweet feeling of fulfillment and energy just by paying a bill online. I took action and the wonderful, ever-giving universe responded by basically handing me opportunity and growth. Yes, it was kind of overwhelming and a little bit scary to start to dip my toes back out of my bubble, but I’m totally glad I did it.

The really awesome part is, I’m gaining strength and confidence with every step I take. Fear starts to lose its power when you prove it wrong over and over.

So, what is it that you can do today? Call about the job? Look on Craigslist? Take a walk? Answer an email? Get some crayons and color in the Disney coloring book with your kid? Maybe it’s take a nap. Whatever has been whispering to you from outside of your bubble, listen to it today. Then, get excited for the opportunity that’s getting ready to come knocking and when it does, don’t forget to answer!


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