Breaking Up with the Full-Length Mirror: A Reflection.

I’ve moved about 8 times in the past 8 years. I’ve actually gotten it down to quite an art. The process usually looks something like this: Utilities transferred? Check.  Bed? Check. Full-Length Mirror? CHECK! My home isn’t truly complete until I can see my reflection, in full, before leaving each day. The mirror and I have had a complicated relationship over the years. I usually blame it for everything. I mean, why exactly doesn’t it reflect the TWO MILES I just ran an hour ago?

Every outfit goes through a strict regulations check. How do I look from the right? From the left? From my phone camera? Should I do a dance check?

Well, friends, things have changed this time around. I, Shayla Spradley, have lived without the full-length mirror for 6 months. (applause, applause). Now, I’m not claiming to have taken some major feminist stance on mirrors, nor am proud that this is somehow substantially relevant for me. I still wear make-up and bras. However, I do think it’s important for me to share with a body obsessed culture how much IT HAS BEEN AWESOME.

The mirror has lost much of its power because I have, by mistake, taken it back. I’m no longer analyzing every inch of myself. In all actuality, I’ve just stopped concerning myself so much with…MYSELF.  Do I sneak a peak when I stumble upon my old frenemy along the way? Of course! But I am wasting less time in this oh-so-precious life focusing on my flaws and that feels pretty darn good. It tends to be true that what we focus on will grow.

But, really, if you see me out with underwear attached to my shoe or something, tell me.


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