Because Why? is more important than How?

I have learned, that when a man really desires a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win.”
-Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

Wishing isn’t going to get you there. Dreaming is a good start. But HOW do you make your desires a reality? HOW do you find it in yourself to get up every day, in the face of rejection and extreme vulnerability and continue on NO MATTER WHAT? My answer may surprise you; You don’t worry about how. Your job is to believe in your dream. I want you to believe in your dream and success to a point that you actually feel like your are living it right now! That’s the magic secret. When you can visualize your success and stoke the fire of your desire on a daily, extremely disciplined bases, you will define your truth. The habitual thoughts you’ve been thinking for your entire life have created your beliefs, that  turn into your truths, which create your present reality. I’m challenging you to change those basic thoughts. Really IMAGINE what it would be like to be living your success. What does that look like? How would you feel? Decide to feel that way NOW.

Of course, nothing gets done without action. I’m a firm believer that when my desire is at the peak of its strength, no action is too difficult. What’s really incredible, is that when we set our mind on success and dedicate our actions to our ultimate goal through small missions of completion, the universe supports us!
Napoleon Hill also said “Ideas are like that. First you give life and action to ideas, then they take on a power of their own and sweep away all opposition.” Isn’t that incredible? It gets easier. It’s the compound effect of your positive thoughts and actions over time.

So what now? Well, start being good to yourself. Personally, I try to focus 30 minutes of every day toward nurturing my spirit. That can come in so many forms! Read a book written by someone you respect who has realized their dream or yours. Listen to music that inspires you. Write down your affirmations and gratitude. Have coffee with that person that always makes you feel good. Search online for uplifting material. Go for a run. The list is endless and full of room for expansion. Just start now!


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