Take Control

Thinking your way to success is really as simple as changing your thoughts. For some, this is going to be an obvious statement and others will think it is totally inaccurate, and you know what? They’re right.

What began as a theory of thought for me has now become my philosophy. Life doesn’t just happen to me. I create my life with my own imagination whether I’m aware of it or not and, well, I decided I wanted a say in all of that!  The more and more I read, the more and more I realize that books are my anchor.  Through reading, I can actually sit down with some of the most brilliant minds, devour their ideas, and adopt them as my own.  The learning is never finished.

Let’s start at the top, because it’s a really good place to begin. To go where you want to go, you have to know where you are going. Makes sense, right? How many times have you said the words “I wish” “I hope” or “If only”? What exactly would you put at the end of those sentences? You see, I believe that we need to clearly and passionately define our personal Highest Purpose. Yes, we all have little goals and missions, and those are important, but I believe that when all of those fall under what we believe to be our Highest Purpose, we are on our way to our ultimate success and happiness. We all start our lives knowing exactly what is it we are here to do, but sometimes along the way we lose our path. Where do you start to regain footing? In my opinion, it starts in your very own mind. Right now.

In The Slight Edge, James Olson puts it simply when he says that the secret is in your philosophy. Your attitude and actions determine your success, but your philosophy is the road map to stay the course. The Slight Edge philosophy states that  “the little steps, compounded over time, make a difference”. The first step you take is in your mind. When you decide to focus on positive thoughts, you produce positive action. Positive action, compounded over time, will ABSOLUTELY take you wherever you want to go. Conversely, a negative mind, producing negative action, will take you in the complete opposite direction, 100% of the time. Your perception is your reality. Consider adversity and challenge to be your close friends and obstacles will be swiftly swept out of your path.
Emerson said “Men succeed when they realize that their failures are the preparation for their victories”.

You see, two people, with the same circumstances, facing the same challenge and “failing” can have two totally different outcomes. The person who views failure as a lesson, a gift, and a prep for the next opportunity, will stay the course and reach success. The other, letting the defeat totally consume his mind and energies, will quit and never reach his blessing. Same circumstance-different perception-different realities.

I challenge you to begin and end your day with 10 positive thoughts about what you’ve experienced during that day. No thought is unimportant and no gratitude too small!
With Joy,



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